About Me

Baird Wells


Baird Wells is author of the romance-historical Hundred Days series, as well as stand-alone novels Glass Apple and Last Woman in Weary Creek. Her award-likely books have sold tens of copies in several places.
Her Hundred Days novel Vermillion was a second-round finalist for the 2016 Writer's Digest E-book Awards. Argent received a 2016 honorable mention for published fiction. She is a proud RWA author and PAN member.
Baird retired from the fire service to write full time, and while she misses a crew made up of the department’s bravest, smartest, and most attractive, she’s getting used to having normal conversations again. 

She makes her home in the Wild West, daydreaming.   

You can find her other novels under the Cait Hutton, Ava K Arden, and Wren McCammack pen names on Amazon.